Our Instructors

At GLC Training, we are commited to Continuing Education and we pride ourselves in our engaging and up-to-date presentations. We value providing useful information in a fun and interesting way. For us, keeping the spirit of the class entertaining is just as important as keeping it safe and educational.

Training for Professionals

GLC Training provides you with professional instruction in a safe and personal environment. We work with you every step of the way while you earn the licenses and certification you need. Expect one-on-one interaction, and knowledgeable answers from our experienced captains.

GLC Training Staff

Capt. Mel Stackpoole
Capt. Andy Kuffer
Capt. Glinda Mantyk
Capt. Mark Williams

GLC Training Staff

Capt. Gary Isherwood
Capt. Bill Owens
Capt. David Lahman
Capt. Ken Suddick
Capt. Jim Winks
Capt. Rob Stackpoole

1st Mate Kristi Rettig

Contact Us

GLC Training
7252 Riverside Drive
Algonac, MI 48001
Phone: 1-800 CAPTMEL (227-8635)
E-Mail: Info@GLCTraining.com

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